North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Pipe Band pipe band was formed in November 2000 by Mark Jamieson. Mark lived in Thirsk and had recently stood down from his role as Pipe Major of South Durham Pipes and Drums due to other work commitments.  The loss of pipe band life however soon prompted him to consider forming a band much closer to home.  After sending lots of letters and making many phone calls, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service kindly agreed to allow him to have access to Thirsk Fire Station and his new Pipe Band became a reality.  Now the arduous task of finding players could begin in earnest....

The band flourished under his leadership and, supported by far too many good pipers and drummers to mention on one page became a highly successful band in North Yorkshire and beyond. It built a solid reputation for providing excellent musical performance with a high degree of professionalism and was successful at a number of piping, drumming and pipe band competitions in the ensuing years.


Unfortunately the fortunes of the band started to turn following the end of the 2010 season. Several stalwarts of the band moved on for a variety of reasons.  Some younger members moved out of the area to attend university and such like, some retired for a quieter life and some even moved to Scotland to live the dream.  The downward spiral effect on the band was not evident at first but, as players came and went and the calibre of the recruitment pool available dwindled in ability, even the best endeavours made to maintain the high standards previously set became harder and harder to achieve as the years went by.


In late 2016 after yet another member of the pipe corps departed for a life in Scotland it became very apparent that the quality of the band had degraded to such a point that Mark, who remained the Pipe Major for the duration had little option other than to fold the band.  It had reduced to a pipe corps of only 4 competent pipers supported by a very inexperienced predominantly learner quality drum corps and was therefore unable to meet either its commercial engagement programme or compete within The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, a constitutional obligation from the band outset. 



With heavy heart, the band formally disbanded in January 2017.


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